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Victims of Abuse/Violence

If you...

  • Know of a student who attends any of Leon County's public schools and who you believe may in need of our services;
  • Are a student who attends or has other family members who attend any of these schools and need assistance;
  • Are a parent of a student who attends any of these schools and need assistance;
  • Have witnessed domestic violence involving any student who attends these schools or their family members; or
  • Are a teacher seeking classroom presentations or resources on child victimization, child abuse or family violence...There Is Help!

Child Victim Rapid Response (CVRR) Program is a school-based program designed to address the needs of students and their family members who have experienced, witnessed, or are the target(s) of violence.

The Child Victim Rapid Response Program is based in the public schools to make it easier for children to access services. The program provides early identification, intervention and advocacy services to school children and their families at the earliest possible stage in an attempt to break the cycle of young victims becoming offenders.

The Child Victim Rapid Response Program serves children who have been victimized by physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, teen dating violence, assault, DUI, robbery, bullying, or gang activity. We also assist children who are witnesses to domestic violence or homicide survivors.

What We Do

  • Help educate school personnel on various topics of victimization and abuse in order to help them recognize the signs/symptoms of abuse;
  • Provide consultation and assistance to principals, teachers, and guidence counselors regarding students who they believe are victims or potential victims of violence;
  • Provide classroom presentations to educate students on the topics of abuse, boudary safety, anger management, domestic violence, healthy and unhealthy dating relationships, conflict resolution and sexual assault;
  • Provide advocacy for a child, including referrals to community agencies, assistance in filing victims' compensation claims, and follow up with the child and family;
  • Provide on-site counseling by Master's level counselors; and
  • Provide referrals of students and their families to the Legal Team for the counself regarding legal options, consultation, and emergency legal service.

This project was supported by award #V2312. Awarded by the office for Victims of Crimes, Office of Justice Programs. Sponsored by Turn About, Inc., The State of Florida, and The Department of Education.

Turn About, Inc. provides services without regard to race, color, sex, creed, religion, national origin or handicapping conditions.
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